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  • “HelloSociety was instrumental in helping us bring our Southern charm to Pinterest and the results were through the roof! Our site was flooded with high-quality traffic and we brought in more than 20,000 new members in about three days. HelloSociety is like our well-connected cousin and we look forward to working with them again to help make our Bourbon & Boots family even bigger.”

    Matt Price, Founder, Bourbon & Boots

  • “HelloSociety helps Fab connect with influencers who understand our brand well. They have helped us scale our reach on Pinterest.”

  • “HelloSociety has proven to be an integral partner in our Pinterest strategy, continuously increasing brand engagement, expanding our outreach and consistently delivering solid, proven results.”

    Emma Stine

  • "Partnering with HelloSociety exposed our service to people who were really interested in It was incredible seeing the increase in traffic to our site from Pinterest during our campaign. If you want to expose your brand to people who will love it, HelloSociety can get the job done!"

    Dana Holmes, Editor In Chief,

  • "HelloSociety has gone from a test [situation] to a full-fledged part of our strategy in terms of member acquisition for the coming year. We are pleased with what we are seeing while getting high-quality members at a [good acquisition] cost."

    David Sobie, VP of Marketing, Hautelook

  • "We highly recommend that you try HelloSociety if you need a specialist on e-marketing. Their campaigns helped us to expand our potential market and spread the words of our brand through the Internet. Based on the communication with our account manager and the continued optimization, we are seeing an improvement on both of our sale column and customer pool."

    Olivia Huo, Marketing Manager, Chicwish

  • "HelloSociety has helped us built a successful presence on Pinterest. They have been instrumental in growing our already existing success on Pinterest and helped us expand our reach to a new demographic. We have been impressed with the interest & increase in sales we've seen in working together."

    Alexa Meyer, Owner, Necessary Clothing

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